Emily Crouse-Joo: The Broomfield Candidate

Experienced. Visionary. Collabrative.

Crouse is one of the family legacies in this city!

I am 3rd generation born and raised in Broomfield. I have lived abroad in Brazil and am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese but I choose to come back to my roots and continue this legacy by raising my family here because I believe in our city and I am confident that my children will flourish here just as I have. I am the granddaughter of Anne and Pete Crouse and the daughter of Peter and Carolyn Crouse and our family has been shaping this town since the inception. We are proud owners of a philanthropic and delicious pizza restaurant, Infinitus PIE. I am passionate for the advancement of Broomfield families and I am stepping into the role as a Broomfield leader. I want you to support me! I am running on the platform of economic vitality and continuing our effective implementations of public-private partnerships. 


One foot in the past and one in the future-- I am the bridge to carry us forward!

 Broomfield Native:

  • Retail and Business Vitality

  • Whole Community Health

  • Oil and Gas Management

  • Sustainable Housing Practices

  • Traffic Mitigation

  • Open Space Maintenance and Acquisition


Public Policy today for the Broomfield of tomorrow.

Ward 4 is a beautiful mix of seasoned and brand new neighborhoods that highlight the challenges and strengths of Broomfield today. Within these neighborhoods, we can find families that have continued generation after generation to be a part of our strong foundation and new families choosing to put down roots to make Broomfield their forever home. 

Our Neighborhoods:


1901 Aspen St, Broomfield, Colorado 80020


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