Retail and Business vitality

As a beacon on the hill between Boulder and Denver, Broomfield is ideally situated to serve a strong business community for both small and large businesses.  I support responsible development that considers need, residents and infrastructure. It is also important to focus on the heart and soul of our community when approving new development. I want to work with residents in Ward 4, North Broomfield, to offer more consumer choice as well as revitalizing a downtown.

whole community    Health

Broomfield has been listed as one of the top 5 safest cities! We have also received designations as America's Most Playful city. I want to help our town be known for our Mental Health Services as well. We all need support from each other and our town. The city can support access to service providers and promote healthy lifestyles for our minds and bodies as well as community programs to keep us connected with each other and our environments. 

Traffic Mitgation

I want to see the Jefferson Parkway come to fruition. We need to alleviate the cross town traffic and have more accessibility to the south and west. There are many environmental concerns with Rocky Flatts, but I know that Broomfield and our regional partners can overcome these challenges. I support the formation of an RTA to put focus on bus routes and help commuters from Broomfield get to and from the locations that are important to them. 

Sustainable Housing Practices

Broomfield is a master planned community that is currently home to about 70,000 people with a potential  for a full build out to house 95,600 residents. I support diversified housing projects that increase the supply of affordability housing located near main transportation hubs, retail, and business mixed use developments.  Broomfield needs high efficiency, green building to promote the future of our community.

Open Space

Broomfield has more trails than roads. It is important that we maintain our open spaces and continue meeting our 40% goal of open space and parks. We need to make sure that we can care for our open space and that we have the tax revenue generated from business to support it. Residents of Broomfield utilizes these space on daily and it is important to our active lifestyles.

Oil and Gas Management

Mineral extraction is a very complex issue with many stakeholders at the table. The City of Broomfield has a responsibility to citizens to enforce the contract agreed upon by the city, extraction companies and participating residents. A top priority is the health and safety of our residents and environment. At the same time, the City and County of Broomfield needs to make sure that we are benefiting from the tax revenue and that we are not left holding an empty sack after all the oil is gone. Extraction companies need to pay their fair share and SB 181 gives power back to Broomfield to get this relationship back on fair ground.


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